New Year

This will be short, friends: I am in the process of realigning my life. Although that's a process that never stops as we learn and grow, I'm working on a major reset. Pieces have been falling into place since late 2019, but the puzzle is not yet complete.  In addition to my personal BIG PICTURE,… Continue reading New Year

Immanuel, God with us

The modern secular American Christmas celebration - when it includes any reference at all to the source of the holy day - usually mixes together several historical people and events to make a single story centered on materials gifts exchanged by friends and family and held on December 25th. On the other hand, Americans with… Continue reading Immanuel, God with us

Have No Fear

How are you? Now that we have entered the “second wave” of CoVid-inspired lockdowns in many places, we are being told to stay home and wear masks all the time. We can’t eat out and have the usual year-end holiday parties, spend time with the elderly, hold the newborns. Gray winter days and long nights… Continue reading Have No Fear

Thanksgiving: A Celebration for All Americans

In recent years, the celebration of a national Thanksgiving Day has been overlooked or even disdained by many who don’t understand its history and fundamental purpose. As we close out Thanksgiving week 2020 - in the midst of CoVid lockdowns and other restrictions -  this story of the small group of English who arrived at… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A Celebration for All Americans

Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XXII and XXIII

  Welcome to this week's blog post. We are moving into the modern era with World War II and the post-war period. By this era, the Constitution for the United States of America had endured more than 150 years - quite an accomplishment! Nevertheless, our leaders were still making changes to the "Law of the… Continue reading Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XXII and XXIII

Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XX and XXI

Friends, this post is a long one. So much happened between 1920 and 1940 to change our country from a democratically-elected Republic to a socialist, controlled economy that I can only scratch the surface here. If you have been following this series, you will recognize that the changes made under the New Deal were like… Continue reading Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XX and XXI

Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XIII through XV

More than 60 years passed between the ratification of the Twelfth Amendment and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment. The three Amendments discussed in this post were all passed within a 5-year period following the conclusion of the American Civil War. These three Amendments had to do with a variety of issues relating to the… Continue reading Diving into the Constitution: Amendments XIII through XV

Diving into the Constitution: Bill of Rights

The past three posts have covered the text of the Constitution for the United States of America as originally signed. The Constitution lays out a framework for how the various branches of the Federal government work and how the Federal and State governments interact. As with any new organization, various issues came up as the… Continue reading Diving into the Constitution: Bill of Rights

Overcoming Negativity

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full person? Do you feel that life happens to you (stuck under the circumstances) or that you create life results by your actions (going forward: over, under, around, or through)? Do you see obstacles or opportunities? In this post, I want to share a few… Continue reading Overcoming Negativity


Voting is a high privilege. It is the fundamental way in which citizens of a country (where it is allowed) express their preferences for representatives and initiatives. In the United States, we have primary, general, and special elections, so there are usually opportunities to vote for someone or something at least once a year! For… Continue reading Vote!