New Year

This will be short, friends: I am in the process of realigning my life. Although that’s a process that never stops as we learn and grow, I’m working on a major reset. Pieces have been falling into place since late 2019, but the puzzle is not yet complete. 

In addition to my personal BIG PICTURE, there are seasons and times that require special reflection and attention. My Orthodox Christmas is this Thursday, January 7th. That is followed by 12 days of the Feast. In America, we are also in the throes of a hotly contested Presidential election, a much discussed CoVid reappearance and restrictions in my state, and more.

All this is to explain that I need to take a little sabbatical from the discipline of weekly blogging. If you would enjoy it, please go back and browse through more than two years of posts. You are welcome to reach out to me through comments here or on social media (Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Parler, Twitter). Please let me know what you hope the new year holds for you.

May God bless your new year, and may you pursue your passions with joy and persistence. Welcome, 2021!

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1 thought on “New Year”

  1. Hey, Anne. I just wanted to tell you that my Facebook account got hacked and I’m locked out. I won’t be able to post anything on wellness made simple. If you can do it for me, I’d appreciate it. Thank you so much!


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