Do you float?

Although this solution for a wide range of physical and emotional challenges has been around for decades, it is only recently that REST – or reduced environmental stimulus therapy - has been more widely available to the public. Even if you can’t swim and have never floated in a pool, a lake, or the ocean,… Continue reading Do you float?

The Gift

Sometimes an event or condition that seemed terrible when first encountered turns out to be a great gift. Just such a thing happened to me recently, and it is the subject of this week’s post. THE DESCENT Earlier this month, I spent several days in Atlanta, Georgia at a doTERRA Leadership retreat. It was a… Continue reading The Gift

Clean Produce

If you are reading this post, you probably have at least some interest in “eating healthy”. I know that there are at least dozens - if not hundreds - of recommended diet/eating plans available through seminars, books, and websites. Regardless of which one you are following, one recommendation is probably fundamental to all but the… Continue reading Clean Produce

Happy Lymph

True wellness includes a smoothly flowing, healthy lymphatic system. What is that, and why is it important? Well, that’s the subject of this post – just the basics, I admit, but enough to get you started on a journey to appreciate and take great care of a body system that may not have even been… Continue reading Happy Lymph

Reducing Toxins – Level 4 of the Wellness Triangle

When we think of the word toxic, we think of polluted air and water and perhaps of arsenic or other clearly poisonous substances. Most of the time, we don’t really think that toxins are entering our bodies and even less about getting rid of any that might be there. But that’s what today’s post is… Continue reading Reducing Toxins – Level 4 of the Wellness Triangle