The Gift

Sometimes an event or condition that seemed terrible when first encountered turns out to be a great gift. Just such a thing happened to me recently, and it is the subject of this week’s post. THE DESCENT Earlier this month, I spent several days in Atlanta, Georgia at a doTERRA Leadership retreat. It was a… Continue reading The Gift

Metabolism – NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

Metabolism – Why it Matters Growing up, I had four brothers and lots of cousins. Whenever we had a family gathering, there was always a big meal followed by a brisk walk. I’ve been thinking lately about why my aunt the nurse was so insistent on observing that “tradition”. My mom usually told us to… Continue reading Metabolism – NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond

Is it safe to take essential oils internally? The tendency historically in England/United States (versus, for example, France which has historically had the opposite default) has been against internal use. Here is one simple overview of why this may be the case: No matter which point of view you have as you read this… Continue reading Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond