Together with Frankincense, Myrrh, and Turmeric, mint is one of the most ancient and most well-known plant medicines. Although Peppermint was not described as a unique variety (it is a cross between spearmint and water mint) until 1696, it has taken over the mint category for home therapeutic use in modern times. Most people are… Continue reading Peppermint

Why Turmeric?

Since the earliest known medicine practiced thousands of years ago, Turmeric root (Curcuma Longa) has been valued as a tool to repair mind, body, and emotions. It is the oil of restoration - “sacred earth” in Latin – and is best known for its effective action against inflammation and resulting disease, including cancers. It is… Continue reading Why Turmeric?

The Endocannabinoid Buzz

I was a teenager and young adult in the USA in the 1960s. That meant that at least some of the people I knew were experimenting with all kinds of plants, including marijuana (and others were smoking banana peels or clove cigarettes – it was pretty free-form). What we didn’t know at the time was… Continue reading The Endocannabinoid Buzz

8 Benefits of Essential Oils

This week’s post is unusual in that it was written by a staff member of the independent group Here at Wellness Made Simple, we are delighted to present fair and balanced treatment of the essential oil industry, and we hope that you enjoy this article. More information on the organization, its work, and the… Continue reading 8 Benefits of Essential Oils

Oils in the Kitchen

One of the most intriguing uses for dozens of doTERRA essential oils is in food preparation. Yes! There are herbs, spices, fruits, and more. If you love to cook – or even if you simply want to add a special note of deliciousness to beverages or prepared foods - read on. First, a few notes… Continue reading Oils in the Kitchen


I have never met anyone of any age who dislikes the aroma of lemon. Period. It is fresh, bright, uplifting, clean, and as rich as a very sunny day. When we say that we smell the aroma of a lemon, we are in fact smelling the aroma of lemon essential oil. Citrus trees produce essential… Continue reading Lemon

Got preps?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “prepper”? A mountain family living off grid? Someone with a remote underground “bug out” storage and living area capable of supporting several people for a year or more? Well, let me broaden your vision a little today. To me, prepping simply means being prepared. For a… Continue reading Got preps?

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are an indispensable part of the essential oils lifestyle. They are used to help spread a drop or two of essential oil more  easily over an area of skin; to allow the effect of those drops to have a more even, prolonged effect; to protect against skin sensitivities; and to “tone down” the… Continue reading Carrier Oils


Lavender angustifolia is doTERRA’s top selling oil in terms of sheer number of bottles. It is probably also the DIY plant “solution” that is best known and most used among the general public. Why is that? Lavender is the most complex of all known essential oils, with more than 100 chemical constituents and an extremely… Continue reading Lavender

The Gift

Sometimes an event or condition that seemed terrible when first encountered turns out to be a great gift. Just such a thing happened to me recently, and it is the subject of this week’s post. THE DESCENT Earlier this month, I spent several days in Atlanta, Georgia at a doTERRA Leadership retreat. It was a… Continue reading The Gift