Stuck Inside

During the cold winter months – and especially when the roads are icy and covered with snow – it’s hard to get outside to walk or hike, cycle, play sports, and so forth. Shoveling and spreading ice melt is certainly a form of exercise, but most of us would prefer something a little more enjoyable.… Continue reading Stuck Inside


You KNEW I had to talk about finances as the New Year begins! Wellness definitely includes a sense of confidence when it comes to finances, but many people think they just can’t make headway so they give up trying and then have some level of constant stress in mind, body, and spirit related to money… Continue reading MONEY!

Metabolism – NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

Metabolism – Why it Matters Growing up, I had four brothers and lots of cousins. Whenever we had a family gathering, there was always a big meal followed by a brisk walk. I’ve been thinking lately about why my aunt the nurse was so insistent on observing that “tradition”. My mom usually told us to… Continue reading Metabolism – NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond

Is it safe to take essential oils internally? The tendency historically in England/United States (versus, for example, France which has historically had the opposite default) has been against internal use. Here is one simple overview of why this may be the case: No matter which point of view you have as you read this… Continue reading Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond

Informed Self-Care: Level 5 of the Wellness Triangle

Now it gets juicy! Let's say that you have a handle on nutrition, exercise, rest and managing stress, and reducing toxins. What happens when something goes wrong? I mean, what if you really don't feel well, there has been an accident, pollen is making you itch and sneeze, your head is pounding, your tummy is… Continue reading Informed Self-Care: Level 5 of the Wellness Triangle