The Golden Rule

When I was growing up, I was taught to live by the “golden rule”: to treat others as I would like to be treated by them (found in the Bible at Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31). This post is about what I have learned along the way. To my young mind, the golden rule sounded… Continue reading The Golden Rule

No Mockers Allowed

King Solomon is famous for having been considered the wisest man of all time. He was the principal contributor to the biblical book of Proverbs, a collection of short pieces of advice that has been used across continents and generations since the sayings were first recorded. In one unequivocal verse, he says: “Drive out the… Continue reading No Mockers Allowed

Saying Goodbye

The icon shows St. Sisoes over the dead bones in Alexander the Great’s open tomb and with the following inscription: “SISOES, THE GREAT ASCETIC, BEFORE THE TOMB OF ALEXANDER, KING OF THE GREEKS, WHO WAS ONCE COVERED IN GLORY. ASTONISHED, HE MOURNS FOR THE VICISSITUDES OF TIME AND THE TRANSIENCE OF GLORY, AND TEARFULLY DECLAIMS… Continue reading Saying Goodbye


Myrrh is the “mother earth” oil, known and used by the ancients as a medicine and perfume, traded along the spice routes, five times more valuable than frankincense in Roman times, used by queens in beauty preparations. Is it still useful in our times? YES! Myrrh is one of my favorite oils, and I use… Continue reading Myrrh


Today is Easter for many Christians around the world, so it seemed a perfect day to talk about the miracle of resurrection. This won’t cover the topic in the way you’d think, so read on no matter what your faith practice is or even if you have none at all. PLANTS As you may know… Continue reading Resurrection


One of the most obvious results of our social media culture is that many participants in it feel free to explore their deepest emotions and/or life challenges openly and in considerable detail. Those seeking likes or followers believe that they are obligated to take one of two paths: to be as exposed as possible (far… Continue reading Stuck?

Be Still

In our very busy western society, we often wake up tired and later fall into bed exhausted, feeling as though we’ve rushed at breakneck speed through another day. Is life one long checklist that you can never quite complete? Believe me, I have been there. And there are definitely days that are like that from… Continue reading Be Still


Humans are wired to have and fulfill a purpose in this life. I have never met anyone who doesn’t want to feel self-worth and accomplishment, and almost all feel that life is not complete without “making a difference”. So why do we sometimes – or even frequently – feel stuck, insignificant, unengaged, frustrated…? The quick… Continue reading Fulfillment

Personal Peace

On this second Sunday of a New Year, the parties are mostly behind us, and the year ahead is full of promise...and probably many goals and the commitments necessary to reach them. How does the phrase "goals and commitments" make you feel? Do you feel your stomach or shoulders or throat or head tighten? Do… Continue reading Personal Peace