Happy Independence Day weekend to all! This all-American holiday always reminds me of picnics and gatherings of family and friends. By association, there are few foods that say SUMMER to me more than watermelon. I have loved the taste and juiciness of it since I was a little child. My grandmother used to make watermelon… Continue reading Watermelon

Baking Soda

Today’s blog post is very long. That’s because I want to give you a fair overview of all the possible uses for the humble bag or box of baking soda that you may have stored in one or more cabinets in your home. I admit that there are many applications listed here that I have… Continue reading Baking Soda


Spring is in the air in western Pennsylvania! One of the very happy surprises I have experienced this spring is to see my rosemary bush alive and well after the winter season. Although a rosemary bush always thrives during the regular growing season in the spot where I plant it, it usually dies in the… Continue reading Rosemary

A Day in the Life

Do you wonder what you would use essential oils for in your everyday life? Whether you are a non-user (yet), a new user just trying a few things out, or a veteran oiler always on the lookout for new applications, I invite you to join me on a typical day in my life. Our children… Continue reading A Day in the Life


Myrrh is the “mother earth” oil, known and used by the ancients as a medicine and perfume, traded along the spice routes, five times more valuable than frankincense in Roman times, used by queens in beauty preparations. Is it still useful in our times? YES! Myrrh is one of my favorite oils, and I use… Continue reading Myrrh

Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond

Is it safe to take essential oils internally? The tendency historically in England/United States (versus, for example, France which has historically had the opposite default) has been against internal use. Here is one simple overview of why this may be the case: https://aromaticstudies.com/models-for-aromatherapy-french-english-and-the-emerging-new-model/ No matter which point of view you have as you read this… Continue reading Essential oils in your mouth…and beyond

Love your skin

Our skin is our largest organ. No matter the height, weight, gender, nationality, age...this statement is true.  Not only does skin cover the entire outside of the body; it also covers the insides of the mouth, throat, and ears. AND it is the largest conduit for absorbing external substances into our bodies. This photo is… Continue reading Love your skin

Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary

Several years ago (decades, really), I started to experience occasional inflammation in the gum over the root area of a molar that had been treated with a root canal and crowned. It was an uncomfortable bump for only a few days at a time, but it always came back. I went to many dentists over… Continue reading Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary