A New Season

How is your 2020 going so far? Have you made one or more resolutions for the New Year? Here are a few reflections on what is happening with me. It is my heart’s desire that you will share your journey with me as well, so that we can encourage each other.


Three years ago, I changed my orientation toward my doTERRA business from being a very enthusiastic sharer to being a builder. What that meant was that I committed myself to be all in and not simply or mostly to handle opportunities as they came to me. Over time, I set up various Facebook groups, an Instagram feed, and a website and blog. I joined two Chambers and networked like crazy. I talked with people in person individually and in groups, online – live and via video – and by phone and text/direct message. During the course of this season, I have made many, many new friends, learned an incredible amount about essential oils and other natural solutions, and thoroughly enjoyed the rhythm of the monthly, quarterly, and annual business cycles.

At the same time, I always knew that 2020 would be different. There were special goals on my vision board and plans coming together in one way or another with family and friends. 2020 would be the year that I would celebrate my marriage to Johnny in special ways because it would include our 25th wedding anniversary. At first, I wasn’t sure what that would entail because I wasn’t sure how much or even whether Johnny would be able to travel and to enjoy a traditional vacation. But one thing I knew for certain was that it would mean that I wouldn’t plant my normal annual vegetables and herbs. This plan would be even more perfect because it would accomplish a “fallow” year for my soil, a year in which the soil would – for the most part – be allowed to rest from producing. Of course, there would be a few perennial plants (raspberries, chives, echinacea, horsetail, lambs ear, Egyptian walking onions, any herbs that might make it through the winter) and any volunteers from prior years or bird droppings. But, in general, I would feel free to do things besides gardening as often and for as long as we would choose throughout the planting/growing/harvesting season.

A key thing I really wanted to do in 2020 was to organize a family vacation. My dream would have been a cruise or something equally glamorous for Johnny, me, and our four children and their families. These days, with the grands in college or beyond and the adults all working, organizing a cruise was no small feat. So, more and more, the family vacation began to look like a progressive series of visits, a “grand tour” throughout New England to see each family and to visit various other favorite and meaningful places. That will, in fact, happen; and we couldn’t be more excited. In addition, one of our grands is graduating from college around the same time as there is another important family birthday, so that will be an additional trip of several days. Both of these trips would have been difficult for Johnny and me to make as a couple if the gardening season was in full force.

Johnny would also like to go for fun weekend trips at least 2 or 3 times during the course of the year to places we’ve never been. Even once would be more than we have been able to do in recent years because of his health, so there is great joy in anticipation of planning these little excursions.


An important goal that was added to my vision board for 2019 was to begin to coach and teach more broadly about two subjects that I have been passionate about for many years: emotional control through visualization, and eating according to blood type/personalized nutrition. Interest in the latter subject in particular has taken off way beyond my expectations, and I am thrilled to see so many new followers experiencing significant health and wellness improvements simply by changing their diets. The doTERRA Wellness Triangle emphasizes nutrition as the basis for all health, the foundation upon which all strategies should be built. Without a proper whole food dietary foundation, even the best nutritional supplements and other natural solutions – including essential oils – are hobbled in their effectiveness. I have been shocked (1) at how few Americans know their blood type and (2) by the refusal of most doctors to give out that information or even to be interested in it. My experience over the past several months has convinced me that the most important health initiative I can be engaged in is education that begins with the benefits of eating according to blood type. I’d love to support you and anyone you’d like to refer for private or group coaching.

I have the privilege of working with a vast network of knowledgeable and very caring health coaches, many of whom specialize in the use of essential oils. What this means is that there are superlative resources for anyone with whom I work on the nutrition side to refine and uplevel their self-care through the use of essential oils and supplements without me having to duplicate general information online. For this reason, I have archived my oils-specific Facebook groups and will transition from a website to a blog for private and small group coaching clients. Spending less time creating and posting unique content across several feeds online will, I hope, result in more time for coaching. My Facebook group, “Wellness Made Simple – Education”, and my IG feed, @wellness_made_simple, will remain very active. If you aren’t already part of those two communities, this is your official invitation to join us!


The third piece of this new season has developed because of the fierce dedication that Johnny and I have to contributing our time, treasure, and talents to create and maintain an excellent, thriving hometown. Ambridge, PA isn’t simply where we live. In our ten years here, it has become where we “belong”. Over the past few months, both the larger community and our home church have begun to focus on goals that require personal investment by many committed community members to reach goals successfully for the long term. In both cases, I have felt a strong call to be involved at a much greater level than in recent years. And, in both cases, I have already begun to reallocate my time.

This is my new season. My word for the year is CREATION, given to me before I knew about most of these changes. So, while it might seem as though I am cutting back and shedding, I am actually stepping INTO a new and different season which promises to be just as lively and fulfilling as the one I am leaving. This post is not so much educational as very personal. I feel that we have gotten to be good friends, and I want to keep you current on where my life is going.

Wellness Made Simple helps you to simplify the way YOU do well…for life!

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