A Day in the Life

Do you wonder what you would use essential oils for in your everyday life? Whether you are a non-user (yet), a new user just trying a few things out, or a veteran oiler always on the lookout for new applications, I invite you to join me on a typical day in my life. Our children are grown, and they and their families live hours away. Also, my husband has limited mobility, and we don’t have any pets at this stage in life; so my usage is less varied than what I hear from many of my friends. That said, I think you may be surprised at how frequently oils and oil-infused products are used at Casa Bacher.


The first thing I do when I get out of bed is to unplug my diffuser (more on that later) and go to the kitchen to drink a large glass of filtered water to which I have added a teaspoon (take a tablespoon if you need extra potassium) of Himalayan salt sole and a drop or two of Lemon essential oil. Sole water is made by saturating Himalayan salt (ground or stones) with water. Add the ground salt to a glass jar until the jar a quarter of the way full (or add 2 or 3 large stones), then fill the rest of the jar with filtered water, stir the mixture well and let it sit for 24 hours. I stir the mixture each time before I use it. Himalayan salt has all 84 of the trace minerals that are found in the human body and is best taken upon rising before eating or showering.

When I take a shower, I use doTERRA shampoo and conditioner, facial cleanser, and body wash. While my hair is clean but still damp, I massage a drop each of Geranium, Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Clary Sage essential oils into my hair and scalp for added hair strengthening and shine.

Next, I brush my teeth with OnGuard natural whitening toothpaste and then swish OnGuard mouthwash for a minute. At this point, I give myself a quick facial, using whichever carrier oil (usually doTERRA fractionated coconut oil, argan oil, or doTERRA Hydrating Cream) and doTERRA essential oil or oils I feel are best for my face, neck, décolletage and hands. Before getting dressed, I apply doTERRA Natural Sensitive Deodorant Infused with Douglas Fir and Greek Orange or Natural Deodorant Infused with Balance Grounding Blend. And I apply a drop of Adaptiv Calming Blend to my inner wrists and the back of my neck as a personal “purefume” and mood balancer. At present, I am applying Rose essential oil layered with Frankincense to a skin imperfection both morning and night.


While I listen to my daily spiritual podcast (dailyaudiobible.com), I set up my daily doTERRA nutritional supplements (the Lifelong Vitality Pack essential nutrients/metabolites/antioxidants, TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes, PB Assist+ pre- and probiotics, DDR Prime Cellular Complex capsules, TriEase Seasonal Blend softgels, and a capsule that I make myself using doTERRA Veggie Caps and that includes: Frankincense, Copaiba, and Turmeric essential oils, and OnGuard Protective Blend). These can be taken with two different meals, but I usually take them all at once in the morning – true confession!

I make a green smoothie that allows me to eat about 3 cups of raw dark green vegetables together with some fruit and has a consistency that makes the supplements go down easily. I add ground flax seeds, a drop of Celery Seed essential oil, and some other ingredients to help protect against memory loss. NOTES: My husband takes his Copaiba in softgel form and takes Turmeric Dual Chamber capsules to get both the essential oil and the powdered root extract. If you are able to use stevia, I can highly recommend adding TerraGreens powdered greens and Trim Shake protein shake powder to your smoothies.

When I am done with breakfast, I wash the dishes by hand using diluted doTERRA Cleaner Concentrate. If I need to wash my hands during food prep, I use doTERRA Foaming Hand Wash. The dish cloth, dish towels, and my apron have been washed in doTERRA OnGuard Laundry Detergent and dried using wool dryer balls that I bought through doTERRA and that are frequently available in the year-end holiday gift catalog. I may have added add a drop or two of Purify Cleansing Blend or Lavender essential oil to the dryer balls to add a fragrant aroma to the clothes.


I try to drink about 70 ounces of water through the day, often adding a drop or two of Lemon or another citrus oil, DigestZen Digestive Blend, or Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend to provide cleansing, digestive, or metabolic support as needed. When I am eating out, I often add Ginger essential oil to support digestion and add spice to my meal – I always have a bottle of Ginger oil in my purse. The first and last glasses of water every day (the last one is just before I go to bed) always have Lemon. The bonus is that the water can occasionally be hot, so that I can drink a very healthy “tea” any time at home or on the go.


Whenever I am working in my home office, plan to be any room for an extended time, or simply need to freshen the inside air or eliminate unwanted odors in a fragrant way, I plug in a water diffuser or add a couple of drops of a suitable essential oil or blend to a clay, lava, or wood, or cardboard diffuser. The same is true in the car, at an expo or workshop, or really anywhere that aromatherapy could add value. During this Christmas season, I am loving Siberian Fir or Black Spruce in the living room, since we don’t have a real tree.


Throughout the day, body discomfort, mood imbalance, congestion, focus issues, or other concerns may arise. I don’t reach for over-the-counter or prescription pharmaceuticals as a first line of defense. I use only doTERRA products or products that I have made myself from plants unless there is something acute and serious that I am not equipped to handle. I use a number of reference books, websites, apps, and experience to decide which oils to use and how to use them. The best part is that I am rarely sick or in pain because of all the preventative steps I take every day. I have even cut the frequency of my dental cleanings in half because of using doTERRA oral care products!


More oral care and facial care happens before I sleep. Sometimes I massage a drop or two of Turmeric essential oil into my scalp to support brain and skin health. Because they tend to turn my skin blue for a short while, I often use Yarrow/Pom or Blue Tansy on my face only at night. Other nighttime favorites are Myrrh, Siberian Fir and Petitgrain.

Deep, uninterrupted sleep is critical to maintaining both cognitive and physical functioning. For this reason, I plug in my bedroom diffuser (I usually use  Serenity Restful Blend; I add Breathe if I need extra support to keep my airways open) about ½ hour before I plan to lie down and apply Adaptiv Calming Blend again to my inner wrists and the back of my neck just before I go to bed. doTERRA also offers Serenity softgels (different formula from the liquid blend) that can do wonders to help in falling and staying asleep.

These are only a few of the ways I use doTERRA essential oils and other products during my daily activities. As you can see, I have SWAPPED products with what I used to buy elsewhere. I have not added to my budget; in fact, I am spending less at the store and online that I would have for the same level of care before finding doTERRA. Not only that, these products are always safe, potent, and easy to use. Some applications give me solutions that I just didn’t have before doTERRA. The product lines and items offered by doTERRA continue to grow. If you haven’t looked recently at this amazing company and the user/sellers who provide ongoing education and support, I invite you to look again. You’ll wonder how you lived without us.

Wellness Made Simple helps you to simplify the way YOU do well…for life!

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