I have gone through many years of formal and informal schooling over the years and, honestly, I have a desire to learn new things every day that is almost as strong as the need to breathe. Yet, for some reason, it was only just in the past week that I realized a HUGE TRUTH. I mean that I realized it in every fiber of my being. The idea itself wasn’t new, but I had never really examined and owned it. This is the truth: my knowledge is mine and unique and valuable even though I have put this information together from data that I learned from others or from the world around me.

HA! You may say. So what? Well, the BIG DEAL of this truth is that it is true for every single person who chooses to dig it up as you would dig up buried or scattered gold nuggets. You, my friend, are a treasure trove. You look at the world from a singular perspective, a perspective that no one has ever had before you nor ever will again. And that is true even though you live in a world with billions of people…and more being born daily. Your knowledge is different from that of your parents, siblings, children, neighbors, coworkers, or friends – even different from your identical twin, if you have one.

You may be shaking your head in agreement at this but are still wondering why it is important. The reason is this: there are others in the world who would LOVE to know what you know. They have neither the perspective nor the circumstances to put it together as you have, but they know that it would help them. For most of human history, you might not have been able to find more than a handful of these other people in a lifetime. But now, with the advent of the internet and social media and telecommunication of all kinds, you can find hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people who would love to know what you know. And you may even be able to find them relatively quickly and at a very reasonable cost.

Your next question may be, “Why do I care about finding them?” This is where it gets very exciting. Here are a few reasons to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Teaching them what you know can make you understand the foundations, facts, and implications of what you know better as you devise answers to their questions, challenges, and suggestions
  • They may have complimentary knowledge that could be helpful to you and that, adding their knowledge to yours, might result in something that not one of you might ever have thought of alone
  • They might actually be willing to PAY YOU to share that knowledge because the return on their investment would be a win for them (and certainly a win for you, who have been going along simply knowing things without necessarily applying that knowledge for financial gain)
  • Understanding what you have come to know and applying it – especially through teaching or other ongoing interaction with others – may change what you do for a living and even how, where, and with whom you choose to live
  • Passing on your unique knowledge can preserve history, change lives in the present, and offer options for the future

Have you ever stopped to consider what you know? A few things that I know are: how to communicate at least the basics in a few foreign languages, how to eat with chopsticks, how to give a fabulous hand massage, how to grow food, how to plan and execute a project, how to knit/crochet/mend, how to cook from scratch, how to take care of first aid things from poison ivy to burns, how to keep calm, how to budget, … The more I have considered what I know over the past few days, the more excited I get. Why? Because it means that I am finding more and more things that I can share with others for their benefit. And, really, the most wholesome, happy life is one of service.

I challenge you to sit down over the coming week and write down at least 10 things that you know. Leave lots of room to add more things as you think of them. I’d love to hear what they are. If you want to consider how you could use those things to change your life, Wellness Made Simple is here to offer coaching and to refer you to others who can support your journey.

Knowledge is capital that you have worked hard to acquire. It is the one asset that can never be taken away from you unless you forget it. You can choose to protect it from use by others or you can offer it as a solution to the planet. But, whether it means writing a memoir or other type of  book; creating courses and content as  a paid or unpaid educator; creating compelling online videos or filming live classes; demonstrating a skill, technique, craft, or art form…whatever your medium, PASS ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Wellness Made Simple helps you to simplify the way YOU do well…for life!

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