Lavender angustifolia is doTERRA’s top selling oil in terms of sheer number of bottles. It is probably also the DIY plant “solution” that is best known and most used among the general public. Why is that?

Lavender is the most complex of all known essential oils, with more than 100 chemical constituents and an extremely sophisticated aroma. It is safe to use with newborn babies yet so potent that it could remove varnish if spilled on a table top. It is a first aid kit in a bottle, supporting improvement of any skin condition from wounds to eczema, and it soothes pain, allergies, and digestion. It is uplifting and soothing to the emotions (known as the Oil of Communication, it helps the user to find personal worth and truths and to feel empowered to speak those truths). It supports relaxation and sleep. And it gives marvelous flavor to cooked and baked items and beverages. You might enjoy this article that includes some other health benefits of Lavender:

Here are just a few of the ways that my friends and I use Lavender for our families and homes:


  • To freshen the air in closets, drawers and other clothing storage areas, place a drop of Lavender on a cotton ball or other diffuser medium (clay or cardboard disc, unvarnished clothes pin)
  • Most insects and other bugs dislike the smell of Lavender. Apply a small amount diluted with a pure carrier oil to your exposed skin before going outdoors to keep them away, If you forget prevention, Lavender is excellent for soothing bites and stings.
  • To freshen the air in your car or any room, make a DIY spray of Lavender and distilled water to spritz around you. (Tip: Lavender’s antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic properties support a healthy, pure environment as well as a fragrant one!)
  • Put a drop or two of Lavender on each pillow just before bedtime to soothe emotions and your whole body and support sleep
  • If you like to clean hard surfaces with vinegar but have a hard time with the smell, add a couple of drops of lavender to take the harsh edge off and to add to the cleaning power.
  • Add a drop or two of Lavender to your dish or laundry soap.
  • If you make your own candles, be sure to add a little Lavender for an aromatherapy experience that just isn’t available from commercial “fragrance”.
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to your wood floor cleaner and you will notice that it perks up the wood sheen.
  • If you have a favorite baseball cap that you don’t want to wash but you need to “freshen”, add a few drops of Lavender for help.
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to your mattress when you change the sheets. Put baking soda and a 5-6 drops of Lavender in a small mason jar. Punch holes in the lid. Place in smelly areas (near garbage can, clothes hamper). Shake jar often.
  • Add a few shakes of your baking soda and Lavender mixture to carpets and vacuum up! If you have pets, (especially the ones who make “mistakes”), fight back with Lavender!
  • If you have a pot of potpourri that has lost its aroma (or if you are making a new batch), try refreshing it with a few drops of Lavender.
  • Your vacuum cleaner can be your nemesis when it comes to keeping your home smelling clean. As you well know, it can even blow microfine dirt! Pin some cotton balls (soaked in Lemon and Lavender oils) on the inside of the bag and let your


  • Use Lavender in delicate lemon sauces for chicken or fish or in powerful orange marmalades, citrus salads, real lemonade and more!
  • Baste chicken or fish on the grill with honey or a garlic and rosemary blend, spread over roasted vegetables, marinade chicken pieces in honey and Lavender.
  • Lavender is a nice addition to blueberry banana bread, lemon cookies, baked salmon, sugar cookies, muffins, and cakes.
  • Use Lavender as a substitute for vanilla extract (in creams, custards and sugars), use it in icing, add it to honey for extra flavor in tea or toast, and even to maple syrup.


  • Fill a baby food jar with oatmeal, then add 5-8 drops of Lavender oil. When it’s time to wash your face, add water and it becomes an excellent natural scrub. A little goes a long way.
  • When you’ve slightly overdone it in the sun, a little Lavender oil is helpful in preventing peeling skin. It supports your skin’s healing without scarring as well.
  • Lavender has disinfecting properties. It’s great for the skin, and wonderful for relief from cuts and scrapes, especially if the cut or scrape is located in a place that is difficult to keep covered.
  • If you experience ear discomfort, you can gently warm lavender (don’t scald it), mix it with olive oil, and gently massage around the ears (not in the ears) and near glands in the throat.
  • If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, and don’t want to use commercial lotions with questionable ingredients, just add Lavender to fractionated coconut oil and comfort will be yours (hint: if you also add Frankincense and Tea Tree oils, you will have what I call a “miracle cream”).
  • If you’ve been wearing sandals all summer, and your heels look like a very parched desert land, just add 6 drops of Lavender to a hot foot bath and soak.
  • When you have neck and scapula tension, apply Lavender with fractionated coconut oil, breathe it in and massage those knots out!
  • Next time you have something that is keeping your head feeling clogged, try a Lavender steam hood. Add 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head, then inhale the vapor slowly and deeply.
  • Do you work with wood or handle wood? Rather than dig a hole in your finger trying to catch that splinter, add a few drops of Lavender, let the splinter swell, and slip it out.
  • Lavender can calm down unruly sinus and other respiratory issues. Just apply on the back of your neck, chest, between your eyebrows, and on each side of the bridge of your nose.
  • There are many dōTERRA products that would be very helpful additions to your First Aid kit. But if you could only pick one, lavender should be it. Why? Basic First Aid kits are often geared toward minor skin irritation, scrapes, rashes, burns, and so forth. Lavender is great for all those, not to mention its calming properties.
  • Rather than using regular soap and warm water at baby’s bath time, add about five drops of Lavender to the warm bath water. Your little’s skin will be pampered and smell great.
  • Your muscles are tight. Anxiety and deadlines are eating at you. Your heart is racing. Where’s the pressure release valve? Simple add a few drops of Lavender to a warm bath, soak it in, soothe. (Tip: mix the Lavender with Epsom salts before adding to running water to hold the aroma vapors longer).
  • Wet your hair in the shower. Add 4 drops of Lavender to a handful of water and work it into your hands and hair. Tilt your head down under the water and capture the aromatic vapor as it melts off your hands and hair. You’ll love how it smells, and how your hair feels.
  • Bacteria thrive in glands that produce excess sebum. Apply a little Lavender to troubled spots on your face to soothe and calm both the feeling and the appearance of your skin.

One drop of doTERRA Lavender essential oil costs less than 9 cents at wholesale. And one 15 ml bottle of Lavender contains about 250 drops of essential oil. doTERRA’s Lavender essential oil can be used aromatically, topically, and internally because it is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and has been labelled as a nutritional supplement.

Lavender = your safe, effective, affordable, and simple-to-use solution to dozens of health, wellness, and home care challenges! And this is just one of more than 100 essential oils and blends offered by doTERRA for your optimized wellness lifestyle.

The Wellness Made Simple team offers mentoring, coaching, and long-term guidance in the use of essential oils.

We help you to simplify the way YOU do well…for life!

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    1. Thanks, Amy. I decided to write this post because I wanted to help people to realize how utterly practical essential oils are for everyday life!


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