Happy Lymph

True wellness includes a smoothly flowing, healthy lymphatic system. What is that, and why is it important? Well, that’s the subject of this post – just the basics, I admit, but enough to get you started on a journey to appreciate and take great care of a body system that may not have even been… Continue reading Happy Lymph

Blood Type Diet Basics

In recent weeks, we have discussed how essential oils are delivered throughout the body via blood flow and how emotions are simply the movement of blood flow from one part of the brain to another as you respond to circumstances or events that you didn't expect or can't accept.  By now you are starting to… Continue reading Blood Type Diet Basics

Personal Peace

On this second Sunday of a New Year, the parties are mostly behind us, and the year ahead is full of promise...and probably many goals and the commitments necessary to reach them. How does the phrase "goals and commitments" make you feel? Do you feel your stomach or shoulders or throat or head tighten? Do… Continue reading Personal Peace


You KNEW I had to talk about finances as the New Year begins! Wellness definitely includes a sense of confidence when it comes to finances, but many people think they just can’t make headway so they give up trying and then have some level of constant stress in mind, body, and spirit related to money… Continue reading MONEY!