Informed Self-Care: Level 5 of the Wellness Triangle

Now it gets juicy! Let’s say that you have a handle on nutrition, exercise, rest and managing stress, and reducing toxins. What happens when something goes wrong? I mean, what if you really don’t feel well, there has been an accident, pollen is making you itch and sneeze, your head is pounding, your tummy is not happy, your ear hurts, you feel hot or cold, whatever – all those things that can and do come up more often and more inconveniently than we’d like.

This is where you – the Chief Health and Wellness Officer of your home – can step up to decide which supports you can provide as an alternative or in tandem with seeing a medical professional. You remember that, for thousands of years and in civilizations great and small throughout the world, plants have been used to support bodies, minds, and spirits. Even today, you reason, the world relies on plants and plant products for natural medicines and plant derivatives for pharmaceuticals. So you get your resource books, open your smartphone apps, go to your Facebook groups, or call a knowledgeable friend. You may already know one or more essential oils, herbal supplements, or common home remedies that can address whatever has come up. Or you may need to do a quick research to find something you have on hand that can give a boost to your body’s natural ability to return to homeostasis (steady internal conditions). The point is that you can often find a solution that saves time, money, and effort and provides peace of mind. This does not mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of professional medical help when warranted. What it does mean is that there are safe, effective, easy to apply, and affordable alternatives to a doctor or clinic visit for many daily health and wellness issues for you and your loved ones, including your pets. In fact, the medical community is coming to understand that essential oils can often support the body more effectively than pharmaceuticals. Here is an video on how Melaleuca and Oregano can kill bacteria when antibacterial medications are no longer effective:

Let’s use some simple examples from friends of mine using doTERRA essential oils (use safe dilution ratios when applying topically).

  • You are experiencing congestion caused by pollen, pet dander, or food sensitivities – try a combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils in a gelcap, under the tongue, or in a mug of hot water (inhale the vapors).
  • Everyone seems to be coming down with “something” at school. Your child is okay, and you want to keep him or her that way – rub OnGuard essential oil Protective Blend (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus) on the bottoms of the feet before leaving the house and diffuse OnGuard in the house; ask the teacher if there can be a diffuser in the classroom to support everyone.
  • Some hot oil splattered on your hand in the kitchen – rub Lavender essential oil or Correct X Essential Ointment (Helichrysum, Lavender, Frankincense, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), and Cedarwood) on the affected areas; repeat as necessary to support the body in reducing pain and swelling.
  • Your spouse has been doing landscaping for a couple of hours and comes in with fatigued and sore legs, arms, and back – you grab some Deep Blue Soothing Blend (Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus) and rub it into the affected areas to soothe the discomfort and support the body in healing.
  • Your dog is afraid of loud noises, and there are fireworks or a bad thunderstorm causing alarm – rub Lavender on the dog’s belly, crown, back, or inside the back of the collar to soothe feelings of anxiousness (it will help you, too!).

I hope you got the same feelings of calm and confidence just reading these stories as did the friends who experienced them. Informed self-care is a lifestyle. It exists whenever and wherever individuals are prepared to care for both temporary and long-term conditions based on information and products immediately or easily available and, when necessary, in consultation with medical and other care professionals. This is what I call #diylife!

If you don’t feel that you are a “10” when it comes to informed self-care, then Wellness Made Simple is here to guide you to the products, education, and custom strategies that will best serve and empower you.

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